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River Secrets


by Shannon Hale

Published 2006

This is the third of the Bayern books, and an excellent addition.  I love the way that Hale started with a known fairy tale (the Goose Girl), and manages to expand and embroider it into four books, creating a fascinating kingdom and a whole new realm of magic.  It’s fantastic.

River Secrets focuses on one of my favorite characters, Razo.  It’s fun to see the perspective of a guy for a change, and Razo is great fun.

Another easy 4/5.  More details on my thoughts below–

In this story, Razo accompanies the new ambassador to Tira.  Now that the war has ended, the two countries are trying to come together.  However, by the time they arrive, someone is already stirring up trouble against Bayern–burned bodies are being found.  This story is a bit more mysterious than the other two.  Razo is the main character, but he doesn’t know what is going on, either, so the reader makes discoveries right along with him, including whether or not Dasha is trustworthy.

Balance comes into play again, but in this book, the real emphasis is on Razo learning to be content and confident with who he is, accepting his strengths and weaknesses, and serving those around him to the best of his abilities.  An excellent read.

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