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After the Funeral


by Agatha Christie

Published 1953

In this Poirot novel, Hercule is called into the mystery by a lawyer friend, Mr. Entwhistle.  An old man (and long-time friend of Entwhistle) has died.  After the funeral, during the reading of the will, one of the daughters makes a comment about how nice it is that they are keeping the man’s murder quiet.  A few days later, the woman is dead, too.

The story was good, and quite gripping, although the conclusion seemed a bit far-fetched to me.  The overall tone of the book was a downer, too.  The grind and difficulty of post-war life in England is strong in this book, and the usual glint of humor that Christie flashes is somehow lacking.

A fine mystery, but nothing to get terribly excited about.  3/5.

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