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The Castle of Llyr


by Lloyd Alexander

Published 1966

In this third installment of the Prydain Chronicles, the Princess is leaving Caer Dallben to stay on the Island of Mona, where she will receive some education as befits a princess.  Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper, is, naturally, unhappy to see her leaving.  However, he and his faithful friend Gurgi are granted permission to escort Princess Eilowy to Mona.

Once there, they meet up with  many old friends (my personal favorite, Fflewddur Fflam, is there with his ever-present harp) and make some new ones.  Before Taran and Gurgi can head for home, danger and intrigue strikes at the castle, and the Princess is kidnapped.  The adventure that follows introduces one of my favorite characters, Llyan, a giant wildcat.

As always, I simply love these books.  The stories are not as detailed or intense as some other epic fantasy series, but are still most definitely worth a read.  The dialogue is so happy and the characters a lot of fun.


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