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The Hollow

So, I must have accidentally deleted the picture of this book before uploading it.  Sorry about that.  Anyway.

By: Agatha Christie

Published: 1946

This Poirot mystery was not particularly one of my favorites.  It seemed a bit disjointed.  However, I have to admit that Lady Angkatell was delightful.  Overall, I think that the reason that I didn’t really like this book was that it was sad.  And there really wasn’t much of a happy ending.  Also it really bothered me that John was having an affair with Henrietta, and yet John’s wife completely trusted and admired Henrietta.  Basically, I despised John as weak and selfish, and couldn’t really respect Henrietta, who managed to find justification for her affair by believing that John’s wife wasn’t really what John needed.

This was a low 3/5 for me.  Definitely not a favorite Poirot.

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