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Evil Under the Sun



by Agatha Christie

Published: 1940

This Poirot mystery started with a setup almost exactly like one in a short story that I read recently (although I can’t remember which collection it was–perhaps Murder in the Mews?) wherein there are two couples: one comprised of a rich and beautiful woman and a reticent, long-suffering husband; the other comprised of a quiet and faithful woman and her star-struck (by the wife of the first couple) husband.  Rich and beautiful woman dies.

From here, the stories diverge completely, continuing and ending quite differently, but because the initial situation was so similar to the short story, I had trouble separating their plots in my mind; I kept expecting it to end as the other had.  So.

Overall, it was a so-so book of hers anyway, not one I particularly enjoyed.  When adultery is the main premise of the plot, it usually is not one that I enjoy as well, but that’s just me personally.  Overall, a 2/5 for this one.

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