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The Far West


by Patricia Wrede

Published: 2012

This book is the third in its series; the first two are Thirteenth Child and Across the Great Barrier.  Supposedly, this is the final book in a trilogy, but I will be very sad if this is true, because it feels as though Wrede is just getting into her stride with this particular world.

I greatly enjoyed this book, as I did the first two.  My only problem with it, really, is actually the same as I had with those other two books.  It feels as though the author spends the entire book building and building and then just abruptly concludes everything in the last chapter.  It’s the same sort of feeling that you get when you’re climbing and climbing and climbing in a rollercoaster, and then suddenly drop.  Except imagine that you dropped and then just stopped at the bottom and that’s the end of it.

Still, until the end, the story moves along well.  I like the characters; I like the world that has been created; I like the animals.  It’s all great fun.  I do get slightly irritated because these books are set in this sort of alternate reality of the post-Civil War west, and Wrede uses the names of large cities to mark where things are happening, but at the same time has changed the names of the continents and many countries.  For some reason, this seems confusing to me, but it’s probably just my brain being weird.

Overall, I definitely recommend these books.  The Far West  can be read as an individual story, but I would suggest reading the other two first to really get the full concept of what is going on in the final book.  I give this book a 4/5.

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