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Sunset at Blandings


by P.G. Wodehouse; editorial notes by Richard Usborne

Published: 1977

This book was Wodehouse’s final work, and was not quite completed at the time of his death.  In this story, Wodehouse brought back all of the old favorite characters to Blandings Castle, for yet another adventure of ill-fated love, impostors, and irate sisters.  Richard Usborne arranged and published the nearly-completed first 3/4 of the book, and then gives the outline of the rest of the story.  The end of the book includes the actual working notes that Wodehouse was using to write the story.  Throughout the roughly-finished first part of the book, Usborne includes useful little notes to aid the reader through areas which would have more than likely been more thoroughly fleshed out and explained in Wodehouse’s final copy.

If nothing else, the book is worth checking out of the library just so you can make a copy of the floor plan of Blandings Castle, and the lay-out of its estate.  I wish I had had these tools whilst reading all the other Blandings Castle books!

This story was enjoyable, and even in its unfinished state, Wodehouse’s genius is obvious.

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