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Friday’s Child


by Georgette Heyer

Published: 1944

I loved this book!  I actually will probably end up purchasing it; it may be my favorite Heyer book that I have read to date (and I have read several!).

And it could be because I really enjoy stories that begin with the wedding instead of ending with it.  The characters of this tale are just sweet and endearing and I loved reading about them.  The dialogue is so much fun, and the plot has just enough friction between the characters without being annoying.  The title comes from the poem about the characteristics of children born on various days of the week–

Friday’s child is loving and giving…

And the young heroine of the story is just that.  The love and patience she shows to her husband is lovely to behold, and watching Sherry learn to cherish and appreciate his wife is beautiful.  If you’ve never read a Heyer book, Friday’s Child is a wonderful place to start.  5/5.

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