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Regency Buck

by Georgette Heyer

Published: 1935

I do love Georgette Heyer, and am slowly reading my way through all of her books owned by my library.  They are light-hearted and happy and super relaxing.

This particular one was a bit heavy on the drama for me, but was still a fun tale with witty dialogue and some good lessons on growing up.  While I guessed who the real villain was early on, it was fun to see how the plot unwound.  My only real beef with the story was that the friendship between the heroine and the hero did not seem very well developed, thus making it a bit unbelievable when they fell into each other’s arms in the end.

Still, an all -around good time, 3/5.


2 thoughts on “Regency Buck

  1. I hope you’ve got around to reading Cotillion? If not, you’ve got a treat in store. I love most Georgette Heyer, but for me Cotillion’s the best of the lot – great, really likeable characters and lots of humour. :-)


    • Believe it or not, ‘Cotillion’ is on my shelf right now; I’ve had it out from the library for a few weeks but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Her books are just so witty and fun; I always look forward to a new one. Thanks for commenting! :-)


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